Short turn-around canvas bag repair in Seattle?
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I have a canvas purse with a 5" rip at one seam. I'm hoping to get it repaired in time for a meeting I have on Tuesday morning. What’s the best option for fast repair? Google brings up Rainy Pass Repair, but their minimum turnaround is 2 weeks. I made an abortive attempt to get a repair a year ago, and was so embarrassed by the "of COURSE we don't repair such things here" snootiness of the clothing repair place I inquired at that I'm skittish. Should I be looking at a cobbler or something? Other ideas?
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Yes, look at a cobbler, but the 2 week turnaround time is pretty normal.
I'd find a backup bag.
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From my experience trying to get thick canvas judo uniforms fixed, a lot of tailors can't handle canvas; you could try calling tailor/alterations shops which advertise that they can alter leather.
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It really depends on the rip. If it's a straight seam and you don't need to tidy up the lining inside of it right this second, I bet they'd do it right then and there. Basically, you're just asking for the use of their heavy sewing machine.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'd post it on craigslist asking for help from a sail maker or a cobbler or pretty much anyone who has a heavy duty sewing machine. They aren't usual at all- one used for blue jeans would do the job even. Around here it seems like anyone who goes to Burning Man owns one (for shade structures or whatever.)
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You could check on etsy for someone who lives in your neighborhood who does heavy duty sewing and just message them. Belts? Purses? Corsets? Steampunk and Dieselpunk (is that still a thing?) couture often uses heavy duty material.
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Call a shop that makes/repairs sails. That would probably be a two-minute job for them.
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the clothing repair place being snooty was an anomaly, and on them, not you. My shop does embroidery, not clothing repair, but trust me, we get all kinds of things...
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Shoe repair place is probably the ticket. I had a heavy gear bag repaired at one, no problem. Just call around until you find someone who can do a rush job.
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Best answer: dave page cobbler.

if they wont fix it, they'll know who can and will. they've done same day repairs for me more than once. some of the walk to pcc/espresso to go(GET THE ESPRESSO CINNAMON ROLL IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE) a block away and snack, some like "oh what? yea just sit down for a sec i got this".
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Best answer: Judy's in Fremont, contact info at I know she's usually very busy, but she also has done really well by me in the past and is whip-fast and specializes in leather repair. She might be able to just fit it in in two minutes, she might tell you "no, can't do it" but she's never said she can do something she can't to me. It's generally best to see her in person so she can look at what she's dealing with - use the excuse to get Pie nearby.
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Best answer: So a cobbler or sailmaker can repair that for you, but I'll put in a vote for Rainy Day Pass repair shop- I've actually had stuff (super expensive, extraordinarly awesome mountaineering gear) repaired by them and it was done extremely well.
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I would try and upholstery shop. The probably don't work a lot with canvas, but they will have the machinery and expertise to work with heavy fabric.

You could buy the awls and needles and repair yourself also. It isn't rocket science or anything.
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Best answer: Omni Luggage repair and an extra $20 for immediate service. Do it in person.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, all! Rainy Pass has great reviews and told me over the phone that given how basic the repair sounds, they can probably do it overnight. I'll take it in tomorrow, and if they don't think they can do it after all, I'll check out some of the other suggestions. Marking as best the people who had specific recommendations, although the general ones were helpful, too!

(And nice to know for the future that that one place last year was just jerky, not typical)
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For anyone else: I've had good luck with TW Carrol.
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