(Bath)robe me in silk
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Many many moons ago I found the most wonderful silk bathrobe at a thrift store, I wore it till it fell apart, and I've been unable to find a replacement.

What I'm looking for:
- silk
- long, mid calf or ankle (this one seems to be the hard part, most silk robes seem to be closer to booty bearing length)
- lined, also in silk (this might not be a requirement)
- simple is better, but not a huge deal
- an inside tie would be nice, but I can always add one

The original robe had a Saks label (a house brand I guess), but I've checked the last couple of years on their website and haven't found anything. It was a great robe because it was light, but actually really warm because of the double layer of silk. Plus it was beautiful.
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This one hits all your other requirements, but I can't tell if it's lined. Great reviews though.

You might also look at kimonos...
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Julianna Rae garments are expensive but the silk is very thick and luxurious. They have a bunch of ankle-length options on their robes page, including this one that is lined in terry-cloth. and this very simple robe with no lace or detailing.
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Silk velvet?
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Response by poster: Thanks all! There are a few options there that I hadn't found previously. I keep focusing on what's missing (silk doesn't look heavy weight enough, no silk lining, no on seam pockets - which I forgot to mention, whoops!) so think I am actually pickier than I realized and might not be able to drop a $100++ until I find something that really is almost exactly what I had before. Thanks for helping me figure this out : )
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Narasilk has a good selection of simple, longer ones. Have you tried Etsy, both for vintage and modern handmade? There are sellers with 'request custom garment' options; you could potentially be quite picky indeed!
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