How to un-hook podcasts between my iPad and my Mac?
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I have an iPad mini (16GB, wi-fi only, running iOS 8.x) that I use mostly for reading the web--never for listening to podcasts--and want to get rid of the podcast files that are unwanted on the device and just taking up valuable space.

At some point, I must've downloaded or launched the Podcasts app on my iPad, because now it lists several Podcast shows (each with a handful of episodes) and my iPad is warning me that it is almost full.

I never listen to podcasts on my iPad (that's what my iPod, which synch's with my Mac, is for), so I want to get the space back that they're taking up on my iPad.

I have tried deleting the individual podcasts from my iPad, but when I did so, it deleted them on iTunes on my Mac as well, and also deleted my subscriptions to those particular podcasts.

Here's what I want to happen:
  • remove any, and all, podcast files from my iPad (and probably the app too)
  • never have any podcasts automatically downloaded or transferred to my iPad again--either over wifi, or when connected to my Mac to charge
Any idea how to make this happen?
What setting on my iPad/iTunes I need to check/uncheck?

Basically, I want my iPad to be a totally separate device from my Mac as far as podcasts are concerned--a podcast-free zone--however, I do still want to have things like Contacts and Calendar info transferred back and forth.

I thought that maybe deleting the Podcasts app might do it, but am afraid to do so if it only deletes the app and not the episode files, or that it will delete all and then remove the podcasts/subscriptions from my Mac again.

Anyone else out there run into this problem and found a fix?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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Rock Steady has it.

To delete podcasts in iOS8 that you have already downloaded:

1) go to the podcast app
2) select 'my podcasts' from the toolbar at the bottom
3) press 'edit' in the top left corner of the screen
4) press the black cross symbol that appears in the top left of each podcast icon to delete all episodes of that podcast.
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