Romantic yet inexpensive weekend getaway in NC
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This Christmas is also my parent's 30th anniversary. I'd like to give them a gift card for a little weekend getaway. Looking for inexpensive yet romantic accommodations in NC. Help!

This Christmas is also my parent's 30th anniversary. It's been a rough year for them, and I'd like to give them a gift card for a little weekend getaway. They live near Durham, NC. My mother grew up in NC and loves it all - the mountains, the beaches, everything. Both of my parents are really into camping, hiking, and fishing - they are very much country mice, would rather be alone in the woods than in a big city. They also really love going to local bars to hear blues musicians. Also, after a recent heart attack, they have both taken a liking to red wine.

I'd love to either find a nice yet rustic cabin somewhere, OR give them a little treat to somewhere a little more fancy than they usually would do. Mom is also interested in yurts, though they've never stayed in one. Want to keep it below $200/night. Any ideas or suggestions?
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The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC is pretty great - especially the spa. Lots of great restaurants in Asheville too.
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Leaf season here. Grove Park is booked. You won't find anything in the Western part of the state for less than 199, if you can find anything. One of my cousins didn't want to impose last night and wound up driving around for hours trying to find a room. Maybe go East.
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About two hours past Asheville, on the quiet side of the mountain from Pigeon Forge, is the tiny gem of Townsend, TN. We have rented cabins from several times and never been disappointed.
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My wife and I rent out our guest house just outside or Oriental NC. Kershaw Cottage on Kershaw Creek is located out in the woods on approx 5 acres with a private dock on Kershaw Creek.

You can check it out on AirBnB here --

There's lots of photos and reviews you can check out. Most of the people that stay here are here to enjoy a romantic getaway, and we've had honeymooners, too. People love it here!

Anyways, check it out and let me know if you have any questions.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations everyone!

I actually ended up buying a gift card from They have a deal right now that gives you a free $100 card if you buy one for $350 or more. There are a lot of great looking places that accept the gift card. I'm specifically interested in Pilot Knob Inn. Their cabins look perfect - secluded, rustic luxury at a good price. I think this will be exactly what my parents need! $350 is enough for my parents to have a nice weekend at Pilot Knob, or any other B&B they choose. And I get $100 towards a get away of my own!
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