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How do I connect RCA cables to a new LED flat screen TV that has only HDMI, RGB, and USB ports?

At a pawn shop, I purchased an original Xbox and several old games. Yay! Lots of fun will be had playing the old school games.

But - oh no, I can't connect the old school device to my new smart TV. An Original XBOX has RCA (red, yellow, white) cables. The TV has HDMI, RGB, and USB. The guy at the pawn shop suggested I buy an old TV.

But, there has to be a way to connect this. I have goggled and goggled, talked to radio shack, tried all sorts of different things.

Please, hive mind, tell me the secret. How do I connect an RCA device to an HDMI television port.
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Are you just looking for something like this RCA to HDMI converter box? I'm sure there are other options, but that one is relatively cheap and on Amazon (slightly more expensive for Prime).
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I'm not sure what you mean by an "RGB" port; do you mean component video? If so, you can buy an Xbox component cable for 5-10 dollars. For about the same price, you can get an RCA-to-component cable, but the video quality will not be as good.
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Best answer: here
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Response by poster: Thank you
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If you check the TV manual carefully, it may turn out that there is one (I want to say Green) of the RGB inputs that you can connect the composite (yellow) cable to. But if I wasn't in a hurry, I'd just get the cable topher74 pointed at.
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Buying the x-box component cable is definitely the way you want to go. If that wasn't an option, my suggestion would have been to get a receiver that has rca in and hdmi or component out. Referring to the component cable as RGB was throwing me off as well, as I thought maybe you meant a VGA connector.
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Yeah to double on Wotsac's comment, there's a chance that green also has a yellow circle in it. If you connect to it you need to be on your AV input, not your Component input for it to work.
(I too have only one of these component/AV combined inputs.) Most devices will have some sort of cable converter you can find online. It looks like there's one linked that should work.
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