Silver Lake Secrets (and Echo Park and Los Feliz)
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Hello LA Mefites! I'm headed back to LA for Halloween weekend and am looking for some neighborhood-specific knowledge as we are staying in Silver Lake and want to keep driving to a (relative) minimum. Cheap eats and artistic and offbeat offerings are especially welcome. We are also free on Saturday night (November 1) if you know of any good goings-on.

Thank you!
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Only a short drive, and you might rather Uber it or see if public transportation might work than try to park - Hollywood Forever cemetery has a huge Dia de los Muertos festival on the 1st.
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For Saturday (or Sunday) night, you might still be able to get tix for the Rise of the Jack 'Of Lanterns at Descanso Gardens. My understanding is that it takes about an hour to go through the exhibit.
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There's the Chandelier Tree, which depending on where in Silver Lake you are, might be walking distance.

Food-wise, some of my favorites are Boo's Cheesesteaks, Cha Cha Cha, Amalia's Guatemalan, Romero's Rotisserie Chicken and Donuts, Mohawk Bend (Their food isn't cheap but their extensive beer selection has some bargains, most of the beers cost $6.50, even some specialties) Square One dining is good for brunch but expect a wait, but it's across the street from the huge blue Scientology base, so between them and the clientele, the people-watching is top-notch.

I've never been there but heard raves about Ricky's Fish Tacos (a food truck).

Sunset Beer Co. is a beer/wine store that you can drink and hang out in, they have a few things on tap or pick a bottle out of the fridges.

If you're a movie fan, The Vista Theater is great, it's a huge old movie house where they removed every other row of seats so it's super roomy and there are weird golden faces on the walls. The manager comes in costume to opening nights.
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Ricky's Fish Tacos is so good. I moved away from LA two years ago and I still crave those tacos. Once I walked two miles, 30 weeks pregnant and in summer, while my car was being worked on to get those tacos. Not the smartest thing to do but so worth it.

Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever is so much fun but not walkable. Totally doable by maybe two buses though.
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Some personal favorites:

Pazzo Gelato has great gelato, great atmosphere, and also coffee. There are several locations, but I habitually hang out at the one at Sunset and Hyperion near Sunset Junction.

Cafe Stella is a French restaurant right at Sunset Junction. Not the cheapest, but great atmosphere and good food. They also now have brunch.

A stroll around the Reservoir is always nice for people/dog-watching and relaxing.

Lark has great cupcakes.

The Farmer's Market is on Saturday morning. Nothing Earth-shaking; it's a Farmer's Market, but it's another good way to get a feel for the neighborhood.

Welcome t the neighborhood- I've lived in Silver Lake since 2007 and it's pretty great!
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Oh yeah, and Ricky's is as good as advertised, though it's not a "food truck" per se- more like a pavilion in a parking lot last time I was there.
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You can combine the chandelier tree and walk around the reservoir as mentioned above. Silver Lake Ramen has been a recent favorite of mine.
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Where in Silverlake? Like, walking distance to the Red Line (so really Los Feliz) or off by the reservoir, or by Sunset junction?
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The Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead festival is a kind of a zoo and tickets are $20/person. It would be just as easy to hop a bus to Olvera Street or a Gold Line train out to East Los Angeles for one of the smaller, less commercialized celebrations. Self-Help Graphics' Day of the Dead is in its 40th year.

Stroll along Carroll Avenue and admire the Victorians.

The skeletal Bob Baker Marionettes are still rattling their ribcages in Halloween Hoop-de-Doo just a little south of Silver Lake. Great show!
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Response by poster: Klang- we'll be staying right by Sunset junction.
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