Stop OS X From Prompting about opening applications for the first time!
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Timely Help Needed Updated to Yosemite and now all my calendar workflows require me to click OK to allow them to be run for the first time.

I use Automator apps to open recorded mp3s at certain times to run our online community radio station. Upon upgrading to Yosemite all of the scripts stopped working. So I have been manually going through the calendar items and changing them to Open File at time of the event. Fine. But now when they fire OS X prompts me to allow the applications to be run for the first time.

I don't have time to babysit a week's worth of calendar scripts and some run in the middle of the night. Please help.

Things I have already done:

1) In System Preferences I have allowed applications from anywhere because this was an issue in the past.
2) I have tried manually firing the Automator scripts from within Finder, but I don't get the same prompts as I do when they open automatically via the calendar workflows.
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Best answer: Well, I know you can do things like:

xattr -dr

which I think turns off Gatekeeper with (technically removes the quarantine attribute). You could possibly add the xattr command to your script (with sudo, probably).
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Best answer: The last comment here may help, as an elaboration of Fortran's comment.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the leads, Fortran and Mo Nickels. Apparently one can't apply this to an entire directory, even with wildcards, but a quick copy and paste of the command and a drag-n-drop of each .apps from the /library/workflows/calendar appears to accomplish what I need.

I did enough to get me through to tomorrow.

Appreciate the help.
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