Identify these movie deaths
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The directors of the horror film The ABCs Of Death 2 were asked for their favorite movie deaths and a compilation of them was made (NSFW). I can't find a list of the films where the clips are from online and I'm trying to find out the ones I don't know

Here's a list of the ones I've spotted than I'm pretty sure about. Can anyone fill in the gaps?

E. L. Katz ?
Julian Barratt – Theater of Blood
Julian Gilbey – The Terminator
Robert Morgan – Raiders of the Lost Ark
Alejandro Brugués – Alien
Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado – Once Upon A Time In The West
Jim Hosking – Caché
Bill Plympton - Sometimes a Great Notion
Erik Matti – Scarface (1983)
Dennison Ramalho ?
Bruno Samper – King Kong (1976)
Kristina Buozyté – Blue Velvet
Lancelot Imasuen – Titanic
Robert Boocheck ?
Larry Fessenden ?
Hajime Ohata ?
Todd Rohal – Top Secret!
Rodney Ascher ?
Marvin Kren – The Deer hunter
Juan Martinez Moreno – Let The Right One In
Jen Soska – Death Proof
Sylvia Soska - Suicide Circle
Vincenzo Natali – Robocop
Jerome Sable – The Lion King
Steven Kostanski ?
Julien Maury – Jaws
Alexnadre Bustillo - The Dark Knight Rises
Soichi Umezawa – The Fury
Chris Nash ?
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Best answer: Chris Nash - Hard Core Logo
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Best answer: Steven Kostanski- Shogun Assassin
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Best answer: Larry Fessenden - The Stepfather (1987)

Here's the full clip in which Terry O'Quinn (later famous for his role in Lost) whacks an unfortunate dude with a 2x4.
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I think the Hajime Ohata one might be Luc Besson's La Femme Nikita (1990), but I can't find a clip to make sure.
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Best answer: Rodney Ascher - Songs From the Second Floor
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Best answer: The one that's labeled "Hajime Ohata"- this (NSFW) twitter account has the same image and calls it Le trio infernal (1974) by Francis Girod.
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Best answer: Ok, the last one (E. L. Katz) is from Contraband (1980): 3:10 here
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of those... was driving me mad.
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