Etsy or indie designers for tasteful, hypoallergenic dangly earrings?
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I need sparkly, dangly statement earrings with posts made of sterling silver, gold-plated silver, or gold. Where can I find them for <$100/pair?

I'm about to cut all my hair off! In preparation, I'm trying to collect an assortment of dangly earrings to keep the look feminine, but I'm having a hard time finding pretty designs that won't irritate my ears. My best-case scenario is something sparkly and dangly for less than $100 (or less than $50, even) made of 925 sterling or gold-plated sterling, but my Etsy searches are proving fruitless and tacky. Help?!

I like a lot of the stuff at ShopBop (link below) in terms of style, especially the Alexis Bittar stuff, but most of them just seem overpriced for what the materials are and I don't want to spend $$$ on earrings that'll make my earlobes red and painful. Do any of you stylish earring-wearers have suggestions on Etsy shops or other independent designers that fit my criteria?

TL;DR criteria:
*cute, modern designs similar to anything here, and definitely nothing too boho/earth-mother/beaded;
*sterling or gold-plated sterling (vermeil)
*priced at $100 max, but cheaper is better as long as it meets the materials and style criteria!
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Check out Holly Yashi, they list materials for all their items and specialize in hypoallergenic metals.
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They aren't super sparkly but I just got some sterling silver hoops from Mostly Sweet and I really like them. They seem to stay in pretty well (which seems to be a problem for me with hoops). I have only worn them a few times but so far they don't irritate my ears (and I am mega sensitive).

I also love Rafia's jewelry and it has never bothered my ears.
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Response by poster: oh, oops. one thing I forgot to add - I don't like colors. so designers with a decent selection of black, gold/silver, and clear stones would be ideal. thanks, all!
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Check out this etsy shop Adorno by Holly. I bought a pair from her at a wedding reception, they were nice and $48. I have hypersensitive ears and wear them with no problem.
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You could also buy a small supply of French hook earring findings in sterling silver (from Rio Grande, for example), then use them to swap out any that you are not sure of.
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Best answer: Unfortunately, modern "statement" earring designs are extremely difficult to find in hypoallergenic metals. But if you can settle for fancy all-silver and glitter, more classic than trendy, then you'll have tons of choices.

Also, be aware that sterling silver and gold (besides 24k, which is too soft to make an effective earring hook) can be made with a nickel alloy. If you really want to be safe, look for hypoallergenic metals like niobium. I'm currently eyeing this shop which may or may not be to your tastes, but they will replace earring hooks with niobium free of charge.
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Check out simplywhispers. They specialize in sensitive ears.
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Best answer: You might like some of Kris Nations offerings. Also make sure to poke through her sale section, where things are typically half-price, taking them from "cute but a bit spendy" to "STOCK UP!"
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Best answer: Have you looked at Some rather unique designs, and you can typically choose from a number of materials. I got my daughter the T4 Phage Earrings and she loves them.
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Most of these designs are probably more minimalist than what you're looking for, but my wife has been very happy with several pairs of 925 sterling earrings from Sarantos.
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This isn't a direct answer to your question, but a tip from another person who can't wear just any old earrings because of sensitive ears. I bought a few pairs of titanium French wire earring hooks like these. (Titanium is what they make surgical implants out of, and it doesn't irritate my ears like other metals.) Then, when I see a pair of wire earrings I like, I buy them and take the wires off with needle-nose pliers. When I want to wear them, I put them on the titanium wires and I'm good to go.
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When I make earrings for the Mrs with sensitive ears, I use Niobium or Titanium. Both can also be anodized so that opens up some color variation as well.
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