"What about a golfing ghost?"
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My nephews and I seek your assistance in kicking butt in a pumpkin carving contest. Pumpkin shaped snowflakes inside.

My 6 and 8 year old nephews are carving pumpkins this evening to enter in a pumpkin carving contest tomorrow evening. The contest is being held at a party for their golf team at the club where they play. I'd love to help them carve a terrific golf-themed pumpkin but I'm coming up short on ideas. I'd also considered using golf tees or balls in the design somehow. I bought some mini pumpkins to perhaps paint into golf balls too. Difficulty level should be fairly low, as I want the boys to feel like they had a solid hand in the carving, and plus I'm not particularly artistic. Thanks!
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This is off the top of my head and I have no idea how well it might work, but: Maybe try using a melon baller to scoop out dimples all over the surface of the pumpkin so that the whole pumpkin itself looks like a golfball.
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I was going to say the exact same thing as usonian, right down to the use of a melon baller. Dude!

The only thing with that is maybe other people will think of the same thing. I mean, the first two people to post in this thread thought of it, though MeFites are generally more clever than golfers, according to a recent study.
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How about a tiger face on the front and trees (i.e., woods) all around the back?

You could just trace the face of the tiger from some simple clip art; the trees should be easy, even if they're just tall-triangles-on-square-stumps.
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Get a large plastic tub, fill with sand. carve scary eyes and horrible gaping maw on large pumpkin. Paint small pumpkins as golf balls. Place large pumpkin in sand as though it's emerging from it, with small pumpkins in aforementioned gaping maw. Et voila: a scary golf-oriented sandtrap monster eating golf balls.
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Pinhead but with golf tees.
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Best answer: Lots of love for the Emperor's sandmonster pumpkin idea.

Or maybe have your big pumpkin yakking up its seeds like so, except use golf tees for teeth and intersperse the seeds with golf ball-painted mini-pumpkins or actual golf balls ("oh, THAT'S where all the lost balls went")?

It's a simple enough carving job, plus it's got a nice gross-out factor that may be particularly enthusiasm-piquing for your 6- and 8-year-old charges.
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Make one big hole in the pumpkin. You're done.
"I wanted to make a golf-themed pumpkin, so here's a hole in one!"
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Embed golf balls all over the pumpkin?

A tee-shaped or club-shaped cutout?
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Caddyshack gopher.
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Best answer: Paint one of the smaller pumpkins like a golfball, embed it in the head of the larger pumpkin who obviously wandered onto the fairway at the wrong time.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your suggestions! I'd say the pumpkins turned out quite successfully. One won Most Creative in the pumpkin pageant.
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