Great Librivox books?
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What are some great librivox audiobooks? &amp who are some great Librivox readers? (This exact question has been asked twice before, but since the last time was in 2011 I think it's not too gauche to ask for an update.) Thanks!
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Best answer: I just yesterday finished listening to the Librivox version of Samuel Butler's The Way of All Flesh, which was read entirely by a single reader. I loved the book, and felt that the reader brought a lot to the text, as well.
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Best answer: I'm a lover of Dickens, and I discovered the wonderful reader Ty Hynes when I listened to his version of Oliver Twist.

I love it when I have one reader for the whole book, as opposed to different readers, one for each chapter.
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Best answer: Multi-reader books are terrible. Annie Coleman's version of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is very well done.
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Best answer: Karen Savage's solo versions of Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion are good.
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Best answer: Most of the sherlock holmes books were pretty well read.
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Best answer: I enjoyed Tristan and Iseult as read by Joy Chan. It's a good listen for your commute or relaxing in bed at the end of the day. Her dictation is lovely. Very easy to listen to and really carries you into the story.
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Best answer: I posted on the Blue about this not too long ago.

Since then, I've particularly enjoyed Kirsten Wever's rendition of Whose Body?, by Dorothy Sayers.
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