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Help me find a good LA spot for a birthday shindig!

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I sent out a general Facebook "save-the-date" invite, but now I need to find a venue. This is just a general gathering (think mass-invite) to make merry with friends, so there's no sit-down dinner or anything involved.

I'm looking for a bar or lounge or something that is not too demanding (really restrictive dress code or cover), and neat themes or fun stuff like photo booths are also appreciated. If the place has a back room or something that I can reserve that'd also be good--not everyone will fit, but it'd be nice to have at least a small section just for us. I considered Golden Road--which would be about as casual as I'd want it to get--and EightyTwo, Thirsty Crow, Bar Covell, etc. Someplace like Perch is probably too expensive/too much hassle. I thought I'd ask the hivemind for suggestions.

So what's your favorite hangout or place to chill? Any suggestions in the Glendale/Eagle Rock/Silverlake/Los Feliz/Downtown area are welcome!
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All Star Lanes!
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The Must

La Cita

The Edison (though they do have a dress code)
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Mohawk Bend in Echo Park (Same owner as Golden Road)
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Bar Eighty-two for pinball and arcade hipstery-ness
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The Cat and the Fiddle is closing in December. If I were having a birthday between now and then, I'd do it there for old time's sake.

The Edendale is a great spot for a calmer get-together.

Do people still go to the 4100 Bar?

El Cid is a classic.
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The Tiki-ti for maximum tiki fun and tropical-ish drinks!
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The Cha Cha in Silver Lake is fun, and across the street from the Red Lion if anyone gets a craving for German comfort food.
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