How much Ram can be installed into an IBM 600 X Laptop
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I own a used IBM 600X Laptop with very little Ram. Would anyone know the maximum amount of Ram I can install. Also what is the model number or description of the Ram I should purchase from a computer store? Thanks in advance.
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If you get the exact model # from the underside of the machine, you should be able to find the full tech spec on the IBM/Lenovo site still. They never delete anything, it seems.

Alternately, try one of the 3rd party memory vendors, like Kingston. They usually have a wizard.

My guess is that the max amount is whatever you have now, plus up to 512 megs. IIRC, there's some built-in memory and one SODIMM slot (I have a 600X), which is true of every IBM laptop I can think of. From the Kingston site, it looks like the 600X's have base 64 megs, plus the expansion. If you have more than 64 right now you may have to pull the existing expansion if you want a bigger one.
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If you don't get what you need here, the people on the ThinkPad mailing list (also mirrored as will definitely be able to help you.
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You can look it up on the Crucial site. Pretty depressing though. They only show a 128MB module as being compatible, though I don't know how many slots you have or whether they're currently free.
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You can get up to a 512 meg expansion, on top of the 64 meg base. My 600x has 320 megs, which is a 256 meg expansion, so all is not lost, smackfu.
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Look in this IBM document (ftp link to pdf)

A more general ThinkPad FAQ (from which I got the previous link) can be found here.
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I have a 256MB chip from a busted 600x. Email me and I'll send it to you if you're in the US.
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