One of these days I'm gonna get costumizized
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I'd really like to pull off a Travis Bickle costume for Halloween, but I'd really really like to do it without having to shave my head. Help me find the perfect mohawk wig/prosthetic/something!

The only thing I've found that comes close is this Woochie Mohawk Prosthetic, but it's a little thin compared to the mohawk De Niro wore in Taxi Driver. Amazon has a bunch of different mohawk wigs, and it looks like I might be able to cut one or two of them to match the length and width, but they're also pretty cheap looking and I'm not sure how well it'd look in person. Is there something I'm overlooking or should be searching for? Should I just get a plain bald cap and glue some hair to it? How would you pull this off?
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Go with the bald wig and glue a strip of shag carpeting to it?
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