Looking for a photo map app
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We're leaving on a 2 week road trip and we'd like to take photos and have them placed onto a map by location to share with people so they can see where we are. I've found that Instagram's photo map is almost what we want, but not quite, so looking for similar apps.

Instagram's photo map is great except that you can only view it on Instagram. I can't/don't want to ask a bunch of people to install that (some people don't have appropriate devices). Are there any similar apps that do the same thing but it is available by web browser? It must work with iOS and we must be able to upload photos from 2 devices (iPhone 5S running iOS 8).
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Looks like this will do it with Flickr. No personal experience.
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Best answer: Flickr will do that for you, assuming you have a camera that will geotag photos. Flickr in combination of an iPhone will be perfect.

You can upload via the app or the browser. You can then send your friends a link to your map. Works very well.
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Yeah, my bad. Looks like new Flickr does it natively.
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Yeah, flickr does this, and has done so for a long time.

There are also apps for the iPhone that can be used in conjunction with a plain-old camera so that you can geotag photos taken with the camera. It's a little bit of an extra burden because you need to remember to fire up the app before you start shooting, and then apply the geographic data to the photos on your computer, but it works.
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Flickr probably easiest and best but Travelpod has more blogging features too, in case you were looking for that.
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