Unofficial Star Trek Cassette-audio Album With Warp-Sound Tracks? Warp 8
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I'm looking for the title of a audio-cassette album I owned sometime in the 1990s, which had the themes of various Star Trek movies and, particularly, tracks of sound effects of the ships warping that I believe were unique to the tape (as opposed to having been taken from the films).

I don't know much about the album itself (performers, etc) but might be able to recognize the cover art if I saw it.

One very memorable track was called, I believe, Warp 8, or possibly Warp Eight, which had the sound of a computer voice narrating as the ship entered warp stages incrementally, "
Accelerating to warp one.... warp two... warp three..." on toward a climactic zapping sound and the calm voice of "warp eight," with an engineer momentarily saying, "We have an exterior visual." The track was very bass-intense and I would test most of my speaker setups with that track to see how good they were based on how crisp the audio would be..

I suspect the themes may have been performed by an in-house orchestra as opposed to being official performances by the composer's film orchestra, but not positive.
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So if it is on cassette I am guessing it is not one of the Telarc movie theme collections, performed by the Cincinatti Pops, interspersed with special effects tracks that were famously advertised in the liner notes as dangerous under certain stereo system conditions?
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Best answer: Actually, going off johngoren's info, "Symphonic Star Trek" looks like a pretty good bet.
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Seconding Symphonic Star Trek; I'm almost positive that it has the track you're thinking of, having owned this CD myself. I found some samples of the tracks here.
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Response by poster: Well done! That's it, precisely. Symphonic Star Trek - Warp-Eight (grooveshark) :-3
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