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I'm looking for free audio files online that could be used for practicing EQ and other processing tools.

My Google-fu seems to be failing me. Ideally, I'm looking files that contain interview/voice rather than music, but anything will work. Also hoping to find files designed specifically for this purpose - so a file with a hiss or hum that needs attenuation or similar, rather than generically "noisy" files.

I have a account so have found some there, but am looking for other files that might work.

Any suggestions?
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The Free Music Archive has a Spoken genre section.
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What's the end result you're trying to get to?
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"Stem tracks" is the most common term I've seen used where you can get isolated tracks of a song, like just the vocal, or just the lead guitar part, or just the drum parts.

So that might be a useful search term. I think this stuff tends to pop up on YouTube pretty regularly, and I think we've had some posts on MetaFilter about it.
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