Help me remember to get out and see my awesome friends more often
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I'd like to make a list of all the people I know who live close enough to make casual plans with -- like getting a coffee or having dinner or seeing a movie -- and then keep track of how long it's been since I saw each person on that list. I'll set up a spreadsheet if I have to, but is there by any chance an app that will make this simpler for me?

My life has gotten a lot crazier in the last couple of years -- lots of work, lots of travel -- as have the lives of many of my local friends. Which means I don't see nearly as much of them as I used to, with the months just kind of melting away. And it's bumming me out!

Other things that would be great

- iPhone compatible
- Some way to set reminders, such that I'll be prompted to email folks after a pre-determined amount of time. If that amount of time can be different for each person, even better.
- An interface that's as easy and pleasant to use as possible, so that I actually use it.

(I hate that it's gotten to the point where I need digital assistance with my social life, but! Better to be realistic about these things!)
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What I'd do in this situation is set up calendar reminders as soon as I had seen someone. E.g. I saw my friend Jen today, so I'll pop in a reminder to follow up later this week about X and another in a month to set up our next coffee date.
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TinyBlu seems to do this. No iOS app, though.
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You could use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for that. I can't recommend one that isn't thousands of dollars, but there must be a lightweight app with basic functionality.
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I've seen this type of app but I never made a note of it (I personally just use an OmniFocus reminder but that's a bit difficult to manage). Googling brings up Countdown Days Since, does that work?
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There's also "Days Since", it seems like "since" is the keyword you need.
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I use Regularly on my android for similar sorts of things. No iOS version that I can find, but maybe the description gives you new search terms?
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Could you just use the reminder app?

Set a Custom Repeat Reminder on iPhone with Siri
E.g. "Remind me to Contact Jane every three weeks"

If you want them to be seperate app just for your social reminders, download something like Remember the Milk, and set it to Repeat after 15 days or something. Which means it'll be added to your 'To Contact' list after 15 days, and then when you finally contact them and select it as done, it'll pop up again 15 days after that.

Of course, if someone making up the apps that I came up with in my head (so many), you'd have an app tied to your contacts, that'd keep track of when you texted, called, or emailed someone, and let you select when you'd met face to face, but that doesn't exist to my knowledge.
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Elysum: I use Stitch for Android for this and the only thing in that list it doesn't currently do is email. Unfortunately, it looks like iOS app sandboxing means it wouldn't be able to access call records and texts, so there's no iOS version forthcoming at the moment.

In addition to the iOS-compatible recurring task apps above: I have recurring reminders set up in Todoist.
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I've been using Timeful. It's fantastic. In particular, for your needs I think you could set up repeating habits like 'Call Dan to go for a drink', set it to repeat monthly or bi-weekly or whatever. The Timeful system will attempt to schedule it based on when you last did it and so on, and you can bump it a couple of days if you need to. I've found it insanely useful for properly scheduling things I want to remember regularly.
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Last time is another app you could use.
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Seconding Tinyblu - I'm a big fan and use it for exactly this.
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