I have a problem, that no one else can help, and if I could find them, maybe I could hire...
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WhatToDoWhenAskMeFiFailsFilter: I'm sure I remember reading an article moons ago about professionals who could find information for you for a fee when your Google-fu fails, people highly skilled (librarians?) in the use of search terms and engines.

I am an expat working in Santa Monica in need of very particular financial advice (on international/ offshore pensions and mortgages) and I've asked about this a few times here, haven't reached a resolution, and am now more than willing to pay to find the information I need.

Is such a search service available or does anyone have any recommendations?
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Are you looking for this?
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If you're referring to this question, might not you be best served by finding a French lawyer?
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Try the business library and/or the law library at UCLA?
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Also, this friend of mine is an "Independent Information Researcher" who might be able to help you or direct you to someone who can.
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There was a book on these people called "secrets of the super searchers."
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Have already tried the related professions — financial adviser, accountant, tax lawyer? I'd have thought there'd be plenty of them in California willing and able to help. Although, if it's a specialist field, the advice may not come cheap.
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Information Broker is one name for super people who have a library degree and do private research. My best friend used to be one for several years.
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