Best ways to channel the zeitgeist?
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What Web sites, resources or tools have you found for channeling the zeitgeist at any particular time? This would be slightly different from reading the "news." For instance, The New York Times offers a good overview of what's happening in the world, but the "Most Shared" sidebar is a far better indicator of what people are talking about. Twitter has emerged as a good resource for this, but there's such a huge amount of data there that I wouldn't know how to comb through that.

Other resources: Google search terms, select programs on NPR, the front page of Reddit and various subreddits, Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, etc. The Simpsons was great ten years ago for this sort of thing. Does anyone know of any resources like this?
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Twitter trending topics.
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Vine aggregator YouTube channels, such as TheBestVines.
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How do you know what people are actually talking about?

How intertwined do you want the means of monitoring the zeitgeist to be with the zeitgeist itself?

Would you prefer coverage to smooth out all the smaller 'zeitgeists' or to expose them?
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