Video of a woman speaking English with a Haitian accent?
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I'd like to hear English spoken with various Haitian accents (French or Haitian Creole). I'm having a surprisingly difficult time finding a link on YouTube. The speaker's topic doesn't matter at all; I just want to hear some different Haitian-English accents, ideally spoken by women. Any links or search term suggestions? Thanks!
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Here you are.
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Here's an interview with author Edwidge Danticat. Her accent is light, as she moved to the US at an early age, but the interviewer has a more pronounced accent, and you may find more links to things by looking at other people she interviews.
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Not a woman, but this video has a brief Haitian male speaking English. Starts at :29.

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I think the NFB may have a few documentaries including women from the Haitian diaspora. Here is one.
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Also, has lots of Haiti coverage.
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Best answer: You're Canadian, so I assume you've already thought of Michaelle Jean?
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I'm not clear on whether you need video or if audio would be enough. If the latter:

There's only one Haitian speaker in the International Dialects of English Archive and he's male, but the recording is almost five minutes long.

The Speech Accent Archive has a number of speakers from Haiti, just enter "Haiti" as the place of birth in their search form.
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