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I am wanting to compile a list of jobs/vocations/skills that you can do from home with the added bonus of said vocation/skill not only bringing in some sort of income, but also cutting down on expenses.

A few examples: being a hairdresser - working out of your home bringing in some income from clients AND being able to cut your children's hair (saving $ on having someone else cut your kid's hair), being a mechanic - fixing client's vehicles AND fixing the family vehicle when needed (saving on labor and possibly parts), dog groomer - having a clientele AND being able to groom your own pet (thus saving money on having to hire someone to do said job). What other jobs are there that fit this description?

Specifically looking for work-from-home scenarios.
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CPAs who do their own taxes?

(Honestly though, none of the "expense savings" examples you mention hold a candle to the home office tax deduction piece, at least when I've done it as a renter.)
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My dad was a carpenter, though he spent a lot of time out on sites doing jobs he spent plenty of time in his workshop too.
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Dog walkers, doggie daycare (assuming you have a dog).
Daycare/babysitting (assuming you have a child).
Playing in bands or for open mics, and drinking free beer when you have gigs out.
Being the booking agent for bands and getting free tickets to shows.
Writing restaurant/product reviews and getting meals/products paid for.
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The most lucrative home businesses I have seen friends doing.
1. Photo studio, a few people I know do this
2. Accountant - it's amazing how many people don't know how to fill out simple tax forms and could use a low cost service.
3. Financial adviser
4. Web design
5. Medical writer
6. Child care
7. Insurance sales

I suppose you wouldn't necessarily save on home expenses other than to utilize the services yourself rather than pay someone else.
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I'm a lawyer and I work from home.
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Response by poster: Looking specifically for work at home opportunities that 1. Bring in an income (does not have to be lucrative) and 2. said job/skill is also used to reduce/eliminate an expense. Example of hairdresser - brings in an income PLUS you are saving $ because you can cut your spouse's hair/kid's hair. No hair cutting budget needed.
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Some on-site apartment complex managers get apartments rent-free or at reduced rent.
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So, basically any service job for which you or a family member could use the service?
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I work for a department of the UK government and I work from home. The additional expense I offset by doing so is the cost of the commute, and my time, which is very flexible. Most of my meetings are over Lync - I do have some fieldwork but I manage my own diary. If I have to pick my daughter up from nursery at 11am because she has a fever or whatever, I make that time up somewhere else during the week. I get paid an allowance to cover utility bills plus my work internet, phone etc is paid for. Quite a few UK govt departments work this way now, as it is cheaper than maintaining offices for a geographically dispersed workforce. Ads for these types of positions specify 'homeworker' or 'homebased'. Perhaps similar opportunities are available where you are.
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Requires land: Farming.
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Reviewing homeschool materials, especially when the expectation is that you'll use them with your children to provide an honest review. Some are paid in just materials, some receive payment beyond that.
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Beauty blogger or similar? (kind of only applies once you are well-known enough to get free samples from companies)
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Bicycle mechanic
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- Ditto for tailor or seamstress...also costume/clothing designer
- Caterer
- Craftsperson - possibilities are endless and the products could be used for gifts
- Ditto for apartment property managers getting free rent, also maintenance and cleaning staff
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