How to get Mail to fetch only "primary" e-mails from Gmail
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Gmail does a great job of filtering spam at the site but it's all getting fetched to Mail on my iPhone & iPad. What do I do to get only "primary" mail in Mail?
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I'd suggest downloading the gmail app and replacing the iphone mail app with it. It incorporates the filters in an easy and useful way. I feel like I'd go crazy without the filters now :)
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Response by poster: If there's another way that would allow me to check gmail and my work mail in one go, I'd prefer that.
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If you're willing to look at a somewhat kludgey workaround, you can create a second Gmail address and use a filter to forward "primary" mail from the original address to the new address. You can then add just the new address to your Mail app. While I'm not familiar with iOS Mail, you should still be able to send mail as the original Gmail account (not just the new one) if you enable that feature.
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To be precise about the filter, I think you'd use "category:primary" in the "has the words" field.
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The Priority Inbox in gmail is an IMAP folder so if you are using Imap and only subscribing to that folder that should eliminate most of the problem.
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