Examples of legislative aesthetics?
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British MP Oliver Letwin wants environmental political debate to include discussions of beauty and romance in order to “help bring the subject alive and encourage people to become engaged in the wider debate.”

I am concerned neither with Letwin’s motivations nor his Tory environmental policy. I am interested in what I’ll call legislative aesthetics. Where can I find more information on attempts to inject discussions of beauty and romance into public discourse at the exclusion of most other considerations? I’d like examples of governmental decisions (anywhere and at any level) that hinged absolutely upon these ideals.

[The quotation, by the way, is from the Tory website. Go figure.]
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"absolutely" is going to be tricky.

i wonder if you'd raise the odds of finding something interesting by looking for a politician or, better, a president, who was an artist of some kind? vaclav havel is the only person who comes to mind at the moment.
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