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Where can I find these beautiful double-spike fake gauge earrings? I'm looking for exactly what ASOS is offering: small, gold or black, metal, and symmetrical earrings in this style.

I tried looking on Etsy, but found only very long spikes or tribal jewelry. (I hope this style isn't appropriative—if it is, let me know, and I'll drop it.) I also looked on eBay, and found these two somewhat sketchy listings (one, two).

Alternatively, I could commission someone to make them. I'm open to that if you have recommendations. My price limit is about $40 and I live on the East Coast in the US.
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Why can't you just buy them from ASOS? They have free shipping to the U.S. (both ways!) for orders over $25.
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Response by poster: They're out of stock!
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They are currently out of stock. Could you email them and see if they are coming back soon?
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Claires. I have bought stuff exactly (literally, exactly) like this from there within the last year.
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I would be surprised if Hot Topic didn't have something similar. I don't see anything on their website but that seems like a common enough style it might be worth checking your local mall.
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You might also qualify this shop as "sketchy" but here's a black pair for $10 on artfire.
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Local tattoo / piercing parlour?
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Here's a pair that's black on one side and gold on the other. Not precisely what you asked for, but kind of interesting.
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