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My 2000 chevy malibu has an ignition recall. In looking up the other recalls this vehicle has had (but not vin specific), I see there is one that pertains directly to a problem I have been experiencing. Help me make sure this gets fixed!

I have already called GM. They said they would have the dealer look at it but if the dealer doesn't think it aligns with the recall then I am on the hook for charges of their having looked at it. Any pointers on making sure this gets remedied on GM's dime?
The recall pertains to the blinkers/ hazards going on and off whenever they feel like it and sometimes not even working at all. Definitely a safety concern.
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Let's assume that the recall is not time- or mileage-sensitive - your car is nearly 15 years old. I had a recall on my GM vehicle that they made some 5 years after it was new, but only honored it if you had less than 75k miles. YMMV. (heh) Anyway, I would just call the dealer and say there are recalls that you'd like to take care of; don't mention the problems you're having unless they ask. They will look up your VIN and confirm the recalls apply to your car and it's still eligible, and schedule you for an appointment. You go in, they fix on GM's dime, all is well. If your problem goes away, so much the better. If not, then you know the recall wasn't related to your issue and you can plan to pay to have it fixed.
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If you're talking about this recall, I don't think it's related to your issue. I think SquidLips's strategy is a good one. (If your car does fall under the recent ignition recall, get it fixed anyway - a number of people have been killed by that particular failure.)
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Response by poster: To clarify, my car IS recalled for ignition. Getting that fixed. The recall that my car wasn't listed for is the hazards. That is the one I am trying to make sure they fix.
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They should be able to check whether your vehicle qualifies for any recalls just by the VIN. So not sure why they would be physically checking anything to make a determination?

Call another dealer and see what they say.
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