New Yorker magazine app for iPhone: how to delete unwanted issues?
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I have the New Yorker magazine app on my iPhone 4. I've downloaded several issues of the magazine to my phone with it, each one on the order of 25 MB in size. Do those remain in my phone's memory forever, unless I actively remove them? If so, how do I actively remove them?
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Yes, you have to actively remove them. It's not particularly intuitive -- took me a few tries to figure out. While you're in the Library, touch the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, and then touch "remove issues from iPad." You'll then see just the issues that are still on your ipad; touch whichever ones you want to remove and then touch "remove" in the upper right corner. Voila. You can download them again whenever you want.
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Thanks, I was just wondering about this!
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Um, when I touch the gear icon, I get Accounts (which just has a "sign out" button) and Preferences, which has:
Restore All Purchases
Auto Remove
(the latter followed by one of those green/white intersecting circle thingies). What do I do now?
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Response by poster: I get the same thing as languagehat. Apparently I already had "Auto Remove" turned "On". You'd think this would mean that my downloaded issues delete themselves after a while, but they all seem to still be on my phone. The question remains unanswered :(

Languagehat, I'm not getting the green/white intersecting circle thingies that you are, so you're still at least as stuck as I am!
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Yikes, sorry, folks -- I was giving the directions for iPad, not iPhone. My mistake.

To remove the issues on iPhone, look at the issues in the Library and then just swipe right on the ones you want to delete. "Remove" will appear. (I actually have to swipe quite quickly to get it to work -- more a flick than a swipe.) That should do it.
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Thanks, that did the trick! (And apparently it does remove them automatically after a few months.)
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