Info about Mike Girty?
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I'm looking for information on Mike Girty, outlaw and "half-breed" who lived in the first half of the 19th Century and was supposedly involved in the Black Hawk war in Illinois. Libraries (at least the ones I can access) are strangely quiet about him, and the web only has a few mentions of him. Anyone have an idea about where I could find a good biography? Thanks!
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Simon Girty, maybe? There are two books in my college library about him that seems to fit your description. No Mike or Michael Girty, though.

Boyd, Thomas, 1898-1935.
Title Simon Girty, the white savage, by Thomas Boyd
Imprint New York, Minton, Balch & company, 1928
Descript 6 p. ℓ., 3-252 p. front., ports. 21 cm
Subject Girty, Simon, 1741-1818.
Indians of North America -- Wars -- 1750-1815.

Jones, U. J. (Uriah James), 1818-1864.
Title Simon Girty, the outlaw. An historical romance
Imprint Philadelphia, G. B. Zeiber, 1846
Series Nineteenth century American literature, Series As The Ohio Valley
Subject Girty, Simon, 1741-1818 -- Fiction.
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I don't know of a biography, but this site lists some sources that quite likely have more information. And the folks at the Black Hawk War Message Board might be able to help you find what you're looking for.
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This webpage mentions "Mike Girty, the supposed son of Simon Girty, the White Savage."
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Thanks for looking into it. I've Googled this pretty well, and seen lots of brief mentions, but haven't been able to find even as much as a rough birthdate for the guy. I'll see if the BHW Message Board folks can help.

NOTE: Simon Girty is said to be Mike Girty's father, but I'm not even sure of that at this point.
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Mike Girty from Google Print
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CrunchyGods: my father has numerous books on the Black Hawk War. I could poke around and see if any of them has further information that may be of help.

Points of research may be NIU which has an extensive collection on the war and the various county historical societies such as LaSalle and Ogle. I've been to the Apple River Fort, for instance (um, no interpretive materials there) -- it's a palisade the size of a modern McMansion master bath. The scale of this "war" is minuscule but had a major impact.
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