Making Breakfast in Bed
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What is your favorite yummy thing to make for breakfast in bed? I have eggs, bread for toast, a good amount of spices, and most other options. I need recipes, but nothing involving raw food or rare ingredients.
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Best answer: I'd make a french toast/bread pudding. It'll be decadent and easy to eat (no drippy syrup).

Cube the bread, make a custard of eggs, cream/milk, sugar, and cinnamon, cardamom, get the gist. Throw in currents, raisins, blueberries, craisins, apples, pears, or whatever you have on hand.

Even better with a shot of bourbon or rum.

Bake and serve.

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Best answer: I love to do frittatas, because they're easy and yummy. Usually for breakfast in bed, I'm cooking and then crawling back to bed, so I don't want anything complicated. Frittata with whatever veggies are on hand works perfect, spiced with black pepper, white pepper, and black garlic.
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Definitely try making scrambled eggs and tomatoes the Gordon Ramsey way.
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I skip the toast because I don't like crumbs in bed. If you are an inexperienced breakfast in bed person, this might be something that has escaped notice. I'm not judging you if you eat toast in bed because it means that you probably can eat more neatly than I can. Things I do like:

Cinnamon rolls. These require some making ahead, but oh, Yummo.
Fresh fruit with yogurt is a good way to feel like you're making responsible adult food choices. In bed, after you've polished off that cinnamon roll. You could skip the cinnamon rolls and have home made granola mixed in.
Drink of choice, orange juice, coffee, tea

Another sweet option is a dutch baby pancake. I use a recipe whose provenance I can't remember, and I've added the step of cooking apples in butter and cinnamon and then pouring the batter over the apple (chunks or slices, it doesn't really matter to me). Anyway, the narrative in this one from Orangette is fun.

Or, if you want a savory breakfast instead of a sweet one. Baked eggs.
Bonus points, they are cooked in their own serving dish. And the person who is eating doesn't have to decide how to deal with a whole long strip of bacon. You can use asparagus instead of spinach. Or you can use sliced red peppers.
  • hash browns or other breakfast potatoes goes especially well with the baked egg.

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    Scrambled eggs on toast, with a couple of slices of avocado and smoked salmon. Ensure cracked pepper is available.
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    (if crumbs are scary/inconvenient, maybe porridge?

    grrrr now I have a porridge craving...)
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    Best answer: Smoothies! Our current favorite is frozen bananas, vanilla almond milk, peanut butter (we used the powdered kind), honey, and a little bit of cinnamon.
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    Best answer: Bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers. With a mimosa on the side.
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    Porridge with fruit, toasted bagels with jam and butter. It's not so much the food as getting it in a tray with cutlery and hot coffee and a napkin and being curled up in bed. Cereal is nice if it's in a handmade bowl on a linen cloth with the good cutlery. It's presentation and small details, not the meal itself - like a sliced apple fanned out on a side plate or big juicy strawberries with a drizzle of honey on yogurt. Throw in a couple of simple flowers in a tiny case and a magazine and you have a decadent morning meal.
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    Eggs Benedict
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    Bacon pancakes! Cook bacon, break into pieces, sprinkle back into pan, pour pancake batter on top, repeat. Amazing.

    I'm a huge fan of Japanese style breakfast, and you can make it seem very special and fancy by putting everything into its own dish. Piping hot rice, miso soup, soft boiled egg, some kind of pickle, some kind of seafood broiled, grilled, or roasted. Salmon for breakfast isn't strange - what do you think lox is, after all?

    Since you say you don't have "rare ingredients" you can sub basically anything for something of similar texture and flavor profile, except the rice. Soup can be any kind of simple broth with a little something in it. Pickles can just be cucumber slices or any vegetable, really, tossed with vinegar, salt and sugar. Instead of seafood any bite-sized protein will do.
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    Best answer: I love, as in absolutely love, making breakfast in bed for special people.

    First consideration: do you have a breakfast-in-bed-tray with legs? If not, you pretty much don't want anything that requires a knife and fork. In that case I'd go with their the gravlax/cream cheese/bagel thing, or a bunch of really great fruit (I'm assuming with raw you're concerned more about animal products?)... perhaps to be eaten with the hands and since you're both in bed anyway...

    Other than that, my go-to is usually Eggs Benny (or Blackstone; gravlax instead of peameal). Surprised an ex with them one morning; he looked at me somewhat befuddled and said "Wait... you mean... if I keep you around, this kind of thing happens?" before inhaling everything. Pretty much a guaranteed winner, and it's kind of rich, so a nice cuddly nap afterwards is a frequent occurrence. Another variant would be to serve poached eggs on top of a hash--somewhere in my blog is a recipe for a sunchoke (not that rare to find, and you can just use potatoes instead) and Montreal smoked meat hash that goes nicely with fish the night before and is great as leftovers.

    Hollandaise is very easy to make. Classically it should be made with clarified butter but who has that kind of energy in the morning? Just whisk small cubes of cold butter into the egg and you'll be fine. The egg yolks do get cooked, but if you're concerned about someone who is immunocompromised you can coddle the eggs first and then use the yolks, and you should be okay.

    Quiche or frittata can be made the night before (depending on whether you prefer frittata hot or cold).

    If you want to go a bit more out there, leftover (homemade) pizza, reheated with a poached egg on top, is a surprisingly yummy breakfast.

    Another very popular option is stuffed French toast:

    Slice a baguette, four pieces, on a bias two inches/5cm thick. Slit into the crust on one side to make a pocket inside. Stuff with chevre or Brie (Camembert; any runny cheese in that genre), and whatever fruit you like. Peaches are lovely, or blackberries, strawberries, blueberries. Pear. Preserves also work fine. Best to do this the day before and leave uncovered in the refrigerator to get a little stale.

    Right before cooking, soak the bread in a mixture of beaten egg (you'll need about six depending on size), a teaspoon of sugar, powdered ginger, small pinch of salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

    Sautee one side in butter in an oven-safe pan until golden. Flip, bake in a 350F oven until the other side is golden and the whole thing is cooked through--the cheese should be nice and oozy.

    While all this is going on, throw two cups of frozen berries (you can use fresh if you like) of any sort into a small saucepan with 1/2c sugar, zest of 1/2 lemon or 1/2 orange, 1/4c lemon or orange juice, 1tsp powdered ginger or two tsp fresh grated. If using frozen, put the lid on and simmer gently until thawed and juices released. In either case, remove the lid and cook off excess liquid gently until you have a slightly runny but not liquid texture. A dash of chili or a really good cracking of black pepper doesn't hurt either.

    Two pieces of toast per person, berry coulis spooned on top. Mimosas on the side, garnished with a couple extra berries If you want to go an extra refined step, you can puree the coulis after it's finished and strain through a fine mesh strainer; I don't because I find it too fussy for a lazy breakfast. Whipped cream optional, but if you do, add a little vanilla.

    The coulis also works very nicely with crepes, which are also a fantastic breakfast in bed food, or on top of porridge.
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    Personal family favorite around here is smoked trout hash, with a poached egg on top. The best part is that we almost always have the ingredients on hand; nearly everything is canned or staple enough to have every week.

    Smoked trout hash, the way:

    1-2 russett potatoes
    1 medium yellow or sweet onion
    A knob of butter (er, like a couple tablespoons? Eyeball it)
    1 clove garlic
    Dill (fresh is better, but dried is perfectly awesome)
    A tin of smoked trout
    Salt and pepper

    Potatoes and onions get diced pretty fine. Knob of butter goes into a cast iron skillet over medium-high. Onion goes on with a pinch if salt. Get some color on it. Throw a pinch if the dill in there, just a little. Potatoes go in (sometimes you need to add a touch more butter). Let them brown on one side, the mix everything up. Do this a couple times, every 3 minutes or so. On your final stir up, drain the trout and toss it in in with more dill. Crumble it up while stirring everything, no need for color here.

    Kill the heat, but leave everything in the skillet.

    Poach eggs. Plate it up.
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