What's a good birthday experience gift in NYC?
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A very good friend of mine has a birthday right before both of us will be in New York with a group of mutual friends. I thought it would be fun to gift him some sort of experience or activity in the city, but I'm trying to stay away from stuff that's "too tourist". I'm looking for something more unique- I've been to the city many times, but have yet to live there. Bonus if you are a a current or past resident!
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What are his interests? Budget? Do you want to give him an experience to do on his own, or something the group can do?
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Famous Fat Dave's Five Borough Eating Tour on The Wheels of Steel!

Eat your way through New York City. (Not cheap, though, but eats are included.)
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Best answer: Without knowing more about the birthday boy, some random ideas: And keep an eye on whatever Atlas Obscura has going on for events.

Not sure when you're in town but Open House New York is October 11-12 and Eero Saarinen's beautiful TWA Terminal is open to the public again on Saturday, Oct. 11. See it before it gets turned into a hotel.
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If you were asking me what I'd like, I'm seconding Sleep No More.
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Another vote for Sleep No More.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the great suggestions! For those of you asking for more details... we will be in town the last week of October leading into the marathon (10/30-11/3)
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