I can't find this one web comic
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I'm having trouble tracking down this web comic. My description will thoroughly ruin the joke so I'll put the description in the extended explanation

The setup is that there's a time traveler from the future (or possibly an alien?) who comes back to modern times and chats with a local for a bit, then is horrified to discover that we still do something like either have our water pipes made of metal, or drink from glasses made of glass, or use metal utensils. It ends with the time traveler just saying something like "oh god oh god" over and over.

I was almost certain that this was one of those Pictures for Sad Children comics--I seem to remember it being a simple line-art drawing style. But I downloaded an archive of that comic and couldn't find it there.

Any idea where I can find that comic?
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That sounds very, very much like a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal joke, although I can't nail down the specific comic.
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I also remember this. If it's not PFSC I agree it sounds like SMBC. I can't find it on OhNoRobot for the life of me, though--if you want to try searching here's SMBC & PFSC.
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No, it is definitely PFSC. I remember this.
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Also, it may be impossible to find without downloading a torrent of the PFSC archive, since it's all been deleted.
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I also think it likely SMBC. For example this is close to what you describe but not exactly, but it is indicative of a running theme
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I remember this as being PFSC but would not be surprised if there were some overlap with a SMBC comic.
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I remember this as PFSC but who knows if we can prove that now. If you find it please post back!
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It is 100% PFSC and not SMBC, I would bet everything I own. I remember it super clearly. But I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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The PFSC archive is slowly eroding, so it may no longer be on the web.
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It was in fact a Pictures for Sad Children comic. Another user sent me a link privately (since apparently John Campbell is pretty aggressive about getting his stuff taken down now--Googling lines verbatim from the comic turn up no results).

I'll go ahead and mark as resolved. Thanks everyone!
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