What to do with hundreds of excess frisbees?
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My company ordered up several hundred flying discs with the company logo, which are now surplus due to a name and logo change. I've been trying to think up something to do with them before they become trash/recycling. Any ideas?

They aren't quite regulation flying discs; they're a bit smaller and lighter than "real" competition ones. They have a generic sort of tech-company name and logo silkscreened on the top, but are otherwise black.

Any creative ideas for someone (organization, etc.) who might want them, before they go to the curb? I thought perhaps the local animal shelter as dog toys, but they crack a bit easily and so I don't think that would (pardon the pun) fly.

I need to figure out what to do with them in the next few days. This is in Northern Virginia, USA.
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Donation to school gym classes in your district, or for elementary school recess?
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Have you thought of offering them on Freecycle? Someone on Freecycle may have the perfect use for them. (You may want to mention that they crack a bit easily, to let them know they might not be a good fit as dog toys).
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Boys and Girls Clubs, if they're near you? What about your local park/school district?
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Is there a charity near you that does toys for kids for Christmas? They might appreciate a bunch of these to send out with their rounds of stuff.
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Perhaps a year or two too late, but find a local FRC team and see if they want them. For the 2013 season, the game involved frisbees.
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Find people who are going to impoverished areas and donate them. I met a girl at the airport once who had a whole stock of toys donated as she was going to do some volunteer work abroad. (And the airline kindly waived the fees for excess baggage too!)
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Children want these. Boys & Girls Clubs, afterschool programs, charity groups. Get those into the hands of children!
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Pet rescues, too.
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At the local library, the children's librarian is always looking for prizes for their reading contests for kids. You'd make their day.
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Give to an orphanage?
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Is there a local Ultimate league? I'm sure they'd love to have them.

Just noticed you said they're not regulation size. How about schools or local parks as rec programs in your city/town?
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People have already mentioned kids - also humane society/pet rescues are another great place. My dog goes wild for a frisbee and she doesn't care about the logo :)
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We had a bunch of these given to us at work by another company, and we spent a few weeks getting silly with them. We made up a whole game that involved several people tossing as many frisbees as possible in quick succession, tossed them off the balcony to see if we could land them on the roof of the office across the way, etc. So, you know, they are generally good for fun and silliness. Hundreds are kind of a lot for that, though. We had like 20-50.

Dogs love frisbees! What about dropping of a pile at every dog park in town, or giving them to doggy daycares or trainers in your area?

I see a lot of deadstock promotional items in thrift stores, so definitely look into donating them before you put them in the garbage.
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At the children's hospital where I work we have a toy cabinet where every child that comes to the operating room gets to go to and pick out a toy or book or whatever they want before going back. So we go through hundreds of toys a month; child life gives toys to our patients in other situations too. So giving them to a nearby hospital might be worthwhile; maybe even be part of a fundraising event or other activity that could get your company some good PR.

Lots of other good suggestions here too.
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We have a store full of weird surplus stuff in the Twin Cities. Maybe there's something like that nearby.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions so far.

I asked the local county-run animal shelter and they said they're only looking for certain items on their 'want' list at the moment, and a giant box of Frisbees isn't on it. But I'll try the Humane Society shelter as well (they run a thrift store so maybe they'd be more interested).
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Absolutely post these to your local Freecycle group. You'd be surprised what people will be glad to have and put to good use.
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Some churches are going to be assembling boxes for Operation Christmas Child soon. If they'll fit in a shoebox, they'd probably take them.
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Find out the addresses of rural junior schools in Cuba and send anonymous packets of 20 frisbees to each school. Every kid has access to a frisbee in the US so it's nothing special to them - and there'll be no conflict between the current and past branding as I guess you don't operate in Cuba.
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Nthing the recommendation for Freecycle. I've seen some amazingly weird stuff get taken there, including, I kid you not, an open box of tampons. A lot of artists look for material there, so they're seeking stuff you'd never dream anyone had any use for.
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Have you tried contacting the vendor you bought then from?

This comes up pretty frequently. They won't buy them back, but could direct you to a good place to donate.
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Response by poster: Just for anyone who was following along at home, the local Humane Society shelter (which runs a "dog farm" somewhere in the exurbs) was happy to have them. They didn't seem too concerned about them cracking.

So problem solved! Hopefully the dogs will enjoy chasing them.
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