Ultimate Equipment and Training Questions
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I need help coming back to Ultimate Frisbee - tell me about the current world of equipment and training!

After 3 years of inactivity, I am making my triumphant return! I just have 2 problems I can't figure out. How to become the throwing machine I once was, and what a decent pair of cleats is!

1) How do you get your throws back?
I have no one to throw with! Am I stuck running a sprint, throwing the disc, then throwing again? Are there any throwing drills I can do by myself?

2) I need molded 3/4 cleats. Nike stopped making the Speed TD in molded 3/4! I already bought a pair of Speed D 3/4 screw ins, but I need something for hard ground. Any suggestions for a replacement? I need a toe spike, and hightops to support my fat arse. Other than that, I have no idea what is the current gold standard, non vapors cleat anymore. (no soccer cleats, that's a great way for a big dude like me to roll an ankle) I've been looking at the Huarache, but I really cannot find a single review from anyone who plays ultimate! Any other suggestions?

Thanks for the help!
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I think the easiest way to get back in Ultimate shape is to play frisbee. Check around facebook, Twitter or the Internet at large for some pickup games at a local park. I recently found a group through some facebook friends that meets on Saturday morning at a park near me (we're in Mission Viejo--a little far from you profile location). You could also try showing up at a beach, frisbee in hand and look for a group of frisbee-postives (we can spot our own).

As for cleats, I play barefoot. Some of the guys I play with use soccer cleats, but darn if I have any idea what kind. Good luck!
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Best answer: I came back this year and I can't tell you what a great decision it was.

1) How do you get your throws back?

I've spent a good deal of the last 6 months getting my forehand back to where it once was. They key to that is practice, practice, practice. I think everyone has a slightly different grip for the forehand, so ask a few people with good fores to show you their grip, and then find what works best for you. Actually the best tip I've had in the first few months wasn't even to do with my grip, but with my step. I wasn't stepping out hard enough to the side with my throwing leg (i.e. not my pivot leg) - I'm a right-hand thrower so that means stepping with my right leg, out to the side - both to distance my throw from the defender and to set my core up to bring the arm / wrist around in a more controlled manner.

My backhand I never really lost so I haven't had to work on that much except for cleaning up my full-field sending accuracy a bit.

My hammer I decided I'd work on once I'm satisfied with my forehand - one thing at a time.

2) I need molded 3/4 cleats.

The movements you make on the ultimate field are very similar to the football (American) field, so look for highly-recommended football cleats. They are almost exclusively in high tops so you shouldn't have too many problems finding a good pair. Unfortunately I can't help you on specific models, I picked it up again here in Africa where I'm living so I'm still using my soccer cleats and won't be able to replace them til I'm back in the US in August.

Welcome back...stall 1...stall 2...
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Best answer: Yeah, throwing more is the only solution. If you have a bunch of discs you could at least send a bunch before the inevitable roundup. I tend to practice throws around trees and stuff to force me to use benders and the like. I also like to throw at something. Accuracy in a straight line is good, but a great handler should be able to really place the disc in depth as well as direction.

Not much help on the cleats. Mine are a few years old and still holding up fine.
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Yeah look for (american) football wide receiver cleats. Nike Speed TD's are pretty popular.
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