One off baby t-shirt
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Where online can I print a PDF of a logo and some text on a Kelly Green onesie or baby t-shirt? the logo and text need to be printed white.

Custom Ink has exactly what I need, but have a minimum of 6 on their Kelly Green stuff. I only want 1.

The PDF has a transparent background and when I convert it to one of the popular image formats supported by other custom printers I end up with a background, which I don't want either.
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There are such things as iron-on transfers that you can make.

Call your local Kinkos and see if they have them and if you can buy one there.

Take your PDF there, and copy it onto transfer paper.

Then buy a Onsie at Target or Walmart, and cut the logo out of the transfer paper.

Iron it on.

Present adorable gift.
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If it's really a one-off, a freezer paper stencil and white fabric paint might be the way to go.
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Or Fabric Paint, if you have a steady hand.
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In general, the problem you're running into is spot printing vs 4-color. With 4-color (similar to the way your home color printer prints) you can't print "white" ink. Generally there is a minimum for spot printing because there is a setup cost involved in making the plate.

Your best option might be Neighborhoodies. It's not *exactly* what you're thinking of in terms of printing. You'd want the "pressed" option which is heat-set vinyl. It should look really cute, just different than standard ink-printed shirts. But you can definitely upload your own design and do one-offs.
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Sounds like what you're looking for is HTV, or heat-transfer vinyl. Google that.

You can find lots of stores on Etsy that specialize in this, or someone local maybe (a sign shop?) who could cut the logo for you to iron on the baby shirt. If you already have the logo designed and it's in PDF format, it should be pretty easy for them to import to their cutter and cut out the design on white HTV. After the image is cut out, typically by machine, you weed away the area outside of what you want to be placed on the shirt, and then use an iron or a heat press to melt the vinyl onto the fabric.

I personally have done several onesies for my family / friends using HTV cut by my Silhouette machine and then put on the shirt with a small heat press. (A Cricut is a more well-known brand of these machines, but the older models didn't allow you to import just any image or font.) It's not hard to do or figure out, but if you're not crafty and this is a one-off project, the machines are generally a few hundred dollars. The vinyl itself is relatively inexpensive.

I hope that helps!
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