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I'm a college student in Los Angeles who originally hails from NY. While home for the summer, I discovered two e-newsletters (nonsensenyc and theskint) that featured fun, cheap, often off-the-wall happenings in New York City. Now I'm trying to find an LA equivalent.

I use sites like DoLA, LA Weekly, and Time Out LA. Also, I've seen a ton of those "100 Free Things to Do in LA" lists. Now I'm looking for a way to find specific events that won't hurt my wallet and/or are off the beaten path (ideally a combination of the two). Maybe this is too much to ask. Still, I wanted to check if there was something out there. If not, I would love to hear personal suggestions from any Angelenos out there if they know of anything coming up! I should probably mention that I live two miles south of DTLA and don't personally have a car, though it wouldn't be too much trouble for me to get one.
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Best answer: You may find 5 Every Day useful.
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LAist usually has "what's going on this week/weekend"-type posts. Also, the Hidden LA facebook page.
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The Rumpus occasionally has Notable LA posts.
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For Hallowe'en and spooky related stuff, there's Creepy L.A.
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Thrillist LA maintains really good calendars and seasonal to-do lists. For example, right now they've got Things To Do In LA In September and LA's Best Oktoberfest Events calendar. They have a whole Things To Do subsection.
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L.A. Taco lists events related to the taco lifestyle.

The season just ended, but look out next year for the free weekly concerts on the Santa Monica Pier. (By next year this might be totally accessible by light rail!)
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KCRW's event page or sign up for KCRW's 5 Things to Do This Week
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Best answer: There's no one source as good as nonsense in LA. All of the above are going to list more mainstream events.

I have been searching for a nonsense equivalent for six years. Your best bet is to find and subscribe to smaller individual group mailing lists run by folks similar to the folks who throw the awesome parties/events in NY... Burning Man folks, artist collectives, etc. A lot of events are also listed individually on Facebook, just takes a little digging.
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