Man was not made to have infinite brush choices
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Do you use a casual drawing app or program that constrains your choices in a good way? Tell me about it.

Two years of playing DrawSomething has rekindled some interest in artistic pursuits that I thought long-gone. I think part of the appeal is that unlike any other digital art program or app I've played with, DrawSomething gives me a very limited palette and set of tools to play with. I tend to overthink things even more when creating something than I do in everyday life, so I find this small menu of choices very freeing, in a way that really encourages goofing around creatively. But lately I've been wishing I had something similar I could just use for playing around on my Nexus 5 or iPad, no game required. I've tried Autodesk's SketchBookPro and there are just way, way too many options. Can you recommend something closer to what I'm looking for?
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Paper? Especially if you stick to the free set of tools.
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Seconding Paper, it sounds like exactly what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Paper looks cool - probably a great choice for the iPad. Would love an android compatible suggestion, too, unless they have that already in development.
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iOrnament lets you draw kaleidoscopic images. iPad only, but a heap of fun.
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Fresh Paint came with my Surface Pro 2, and it has a limited set of brushes -- 5 different ones each for oil and watercolor, plus colored pencils and oil pastels in 5 hardnesses. There are a few paper choices, but no layer options. I've done some nice paint and pencil sketching with it, and I think it's a free (or very cheap) app to download. It looks like some Microsoft apps are compatible with Android, but I'm not sure how to check on individual apps. Looks like it does work on iPads though.
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