What to do in Sequoia & Kings Canyon in mid November?
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I'm looking for things to do in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks this Veteran's Day weekend.

My wife and I have never been to SeKi, and we're thinking of going this weekend. Weather permitting, we might go backpacking; otherwise we'll probably car camp.

At this time of year, where are some good places to backpack to for a night or two. Where should we car camp? Any great day hikes? We're in decent shape, so a 10-mile, moderate-to-difficult hike would be great. Any must-sees while we're there? Thanks!
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when we were at sequoia this summer, we happened to make it to Moro Rock right around sunset and were rewarded with an absolutely spectacular view. it really is amazing. it's only a short hike from the parking lot up to the top, so it's only really good for an hour or two. if you're morning types, i would think sunrise would also be very nice, with the sun coming over the sierra and probably very few people.
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I don't know any of the trail names, but I've never had a bad hike there. And note bene: I've had the best bear sightings of my life there at this time of year. Just a word of warning - pack appropriately but enjoy yourself!
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The guys at Wilson's East Side Sports, in Bishop, frequently have the lowdown on cool stuff to do. As for a tall, lanky guy named Pete.
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