Why does my 4g on my note3 keep disconnecting until I reset it?
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I have 4g data on my note 3 here in Australia, using yatango as my service provider. After about 20 minutes of usage of browsing web on my phone, the 4g stops working (the download signal of data stops lighting up and nothing loads) and the only way to fix it is for me to "turn off mobile data" then turn it back on, fixes it every time. Why does it stop working and how can I fix it so I don't have to turn off and then back on mobile data every 20 minutes?
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Can you try something? What if you keep it in 3G mode?
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Response by poster: I went into "network mode" on my phone but it doesn't seem to have an option for 3G mode? only gsm or wcdma.. but it seems I could get an app "advanced signal status" app from the play store which does that.. but I'm not sure how this would help. I wanna be able to use my 4G.
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How long has it been doing this? Have you shut the phone all the way off for a full restart lately? My phone was doing this same thing several months back and I went to my tech guy coworker all frustrated and hope me, and he was like "idk restart the phone?" Worked for me.
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Do you have any 'battery saving' apps on your phone? They can sometimes disable data.
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Response by poster: I just bought this Sim card 2 days ago. It has been doing it the whole time.

I never had a similar problem, and I restarted many times today.
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Settings> More> Mobile networks> Preferred network type should have it. A friend of mine has a similar issue. If you can't try that then I'd ask back at the shop and they should know of any issues or replace it.
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Response by poster: I turned on 3G, it worked fine, but back in 4G it disconnects still.
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Response by poster: by "works fine" I mean it turned on, and I could use it, but it also disconnected a lot.
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