What kind of critter lives in this hive or nest or whatever?
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I just noticed this weird little thing under the eaves of my roof.

I didn't see anything going into or out of it. We've had some problems recently with little tiny ants - could this be where they live? If not, what kind of critter made this?

Also, what is the best way to get rid of it?
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I'm not a huge expert, but if I saw that, I would think "wasp nest". Then I'd go to the hardware store and get some wasp-spray stuff to get rid of it.
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It's a mud-dauber wasp nest.

They won't hurt you so I'd just ignore their construction efforts :)
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yes, mud-dauber, a wasp .. (not muad'dib).
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Yes, a mud dauber, they're not agressive, and will generally leave you alone so long as you let them be. You should keep them around, they are spider hunters, and have a hunger for black widows.
When I moved into my current house, we soon realized there were a large number of black widows around our area, and we'd discover them in very scary places, like the back of our chairs, which we were sitting in. A year or so later, we started noticing those familiar mud nests, and after about a year, we just didn't see black widows anymore. I don't think I've seen one now for around 3-4 years, so those guys are great!
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PlantGoddess (and, on edit, Monkeyswithguns) is right. They absolutely won't hurt you. They are kind of neat to have around. They kill spiders and from what I remember they only use their stingers on spiders we consider dangerous, not animals.
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Ok, I remove my original suggestion to kill them dead. They now sound pretty friendly.
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Yes. Mud-daubers. They won't hurt you. They are spider hunters of the first order. Please don't kill them. If you are lucky you'll get to watch them do their thing. They hunt on foot, and are especially fond of killing ground spiders.

If you really hate spiders, google the dauber up and see what she has in store for them. Sort of like that movie with S. Weaver, so, let the squeamish be warned.
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Nthing the Very NOT Aggresive. We have a number on the back and front of the house and they basically keep to themselves. One flew in through the open door this weekend when the weather got nice. My Father-in-law was able to manuever it back outside by gentlying guiding it toward the door.

Unless you literally step on one, it isnt going to sting (and even then it probably wouldn't). They use their stinger to paralyze spiders so the stinger isn't very suited to stinging large fleshy things.
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Monkeyswithguns: You should keep them around, they are spider hunters, and have a hunger for black widows.
The first part is only true if you feel that killing voracious insect-eaters is a good thing.

Your call, based on your arachnophobic level.
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Piling on here: I'm a guy with a strong vendetta against all things wing├ęd and sting-y (I'm in the planning phases of a tattoo of a dead Polistes carolina) and yet if there's one member of the family that I would gladly allow to peacefully co-exist with me and my property, it's a mud dauber. They're totally placid and I've never been stung by one, or even had one express any interest in my existence. Plus it's fun to watch them build their nest. Absolutely agree on the "leave it be" comments above.
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Muddaubers. I would let them stay. Those little tubes will be filled with nasty spiders. :D
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Mud-daubers and wasps look alike except for their coloring. Mud-daubers are black , wasps are red.
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