Bench warrant and the Canadian border...
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I'm headed to BC (from WA) for a few hours for a class reunion. I had an unpaid ticket from Wyoming last year which likely turned into a bench warrant (am assuming, haven't gotten notice of anything, was due to not having my insurance card even though I had insurance). If I go to cross the border will they find that and deny me entry?

Will they arrest me and send me to Wyoming? Trying and being denied wouldn't bother me, but if I'm going to get arrested, well that's a problem. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I'm only a few minutes away.
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Getting denied entry once can cause problems when you try to gain entry in the future, so it's not simply a matter of 'oh well, didn't make it today'.
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Consulted my friend who's a border services officer.

Yes - states and provinces share warrant information with border law enforcement. Particularly as you're crossing the border into another country, you will not only risk arrest, but also an increased bail as a result of you potentially being labelled a flight risk.
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