Aurora Borealis in Minneapolis tonight?
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Is it going to be possible to see the northern lights in Minneapolis tonight? Will it be similar to a meteor shower, where one needs to get pretty far from the glow of the city lights to enjoy the show? Any tips/suggestions for how to make the best of it, or suggestions of particularly good spots from which to see it?
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I'm not sure exactly how intense tonight's aurora will be, but I know I've seen them from inside the city (specifically, driving on 62) in the past.
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It's quite possible! Check sites like SpaceWeather for further details. The first of two coronal mass ejections arrived last night, and though the storm was minor it was visible as far south as Arizona.

Light pollution does make aurorae harder to see, but if you can't get away and it's a cloudless night, there is no harm in looking up. I've seen storms from the glowing heart of downtown Toronto that have been magical. Just look up!
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A few years ago we were able to spot them in town during a particularly large event (on the U campus and over Lake Nokomis), but I grew up in the Twin Cities and that's the only time I remember seeing them in the cities proper. You'll probably have better luck, if they're visible, in a lower ambient light situation.
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You might check in with the Aurorasaurus.
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The one time in my life I saw the Aurora was from my very light-polluted suburban back yard. I've heard that even with the moon as bright as it is tonight, if there is an Aurora it should be visible.

Big *if*, of course. Even with a massive CME there's really no telling what will happen.

*keeping my fingers crossed in New England*
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According to the UAF Geophysical Institute's Aurora Forecast you may be able to see them low on the horizon. If you stay up late.

(We had a very nice display last night, FWIW, but...we're a bit farther north).
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Driving home one winter's night my husband and I were on the stretch of 494 between Eagan and Woodbury where it's dark and still semi-undeveloped when we saw a light in the sky. We thought it might be a distant fire, then realized is was the northern lights! We pulled off to the side of the road, then up to a park, and it was beautiful!
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