Help me hack a Darien Lake vacation (for next summer) !
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We are planning a Friday afternoon - Monday morning trip next July to Darien lake. Please help me maximize our experience. We have never been, and the website is a bit thin on useful content. We are leaning towards renting one of the trailers, vs. one of the cabins, as the pricing seems more reasonable. Which should we choose? Please share your wisdom! (more questions after the jump)

The site map is daunting. Any areas we should try for or avoid? We’d like to be away from loud partiers (not sure if they tend to congregate in one spot), would like a fire pit, and good adjacencies to amenities and the park. Is it possible to rent a BBQ, or should we bring one? Other tips or tricks? Will mosquitos be a problem? Places to shop, things to pack we might not think of?

If we get tired of the park, what else is fun in the area? Movie theatres or drive ins? Farmers markets? Is it worth checking out a minor league baseball game or something else local or historic? We are not familiar with the area.

Note – family of four, two boys 10 and 6 – who should be tall enough for the bulk of the rides.
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I have family from Batavia, NY which isn't far from Darien Lake. I think this is the place where my cousin has taken her kids. I haven't been there but they love it. Darien Lake is also near the stadium where the Batavia Muckdogs play. I haven't been there in a few years but it's a relatively new stadium. Are you looking to 4th of July? The last Muckdogs game I went to was the game before the 4th and they had fireworks.
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You might want to check the concert schedule once it gets published, if you want to avoid partiers.
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If we get tired of the park, what else is fun in the area?

In the immediate area? Umm....not much. Batavia and some of the smaller towns have classic car shows throughout the summer. There's a drive in about 45 minutes away in Perry (Silver Lake Drive In), which is also near Letchworth State Park (great for hiking). There's a beach/park on Lake Ontario about an hour north and the Jello museum in Leroy 30ish mins away. And of course anything in Buffalo (30-45mins) or even Niagara Falls or Rochester (45mins-1hr).
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It's a bit of a haul to Rochester, but for kids that age The Strong Museum of Play is absolutely amazing. Worth a day trip if you can.
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