How much does monthly parking cost at Alewife?
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Cambridge, MA's Alewife MBTA station: how much does a monthly parking pass cost? The MBTA's vendor site has all the clarity and customer service that you'd expect-- I need to register and provide a credit card number before they'll tell me the price and I just want a number. Thanks!
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I believe it's $7/day, $8 if you leave your car there overnight.

Alewife doesn't appear to be a station listed as participating in the monthly pass program.
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I find @universalhub super-useful for this kind of question, might want to ask over there if you're on twitter.
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There is no monthly option at Alewife. $7 daily.
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I've left a car at Alewife for several days (up to 4) and they've just charged the $5/day on exit, with no overnight surcharges. On preview I see that the rate's gone up to $7/day and they've also added $1 overnight surcharge since I moved out of Mass. I don't recall there ever being a monthly pass option.
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I know the daily rate well. I was wondering if there was a discount for a monthly pass. The helpful MBTA says that monthly passes 'save ten dollars,' without mentioning what the total cost is-- is it based on parking every day of the month, just week days? Irrelevant, because Alewife has no such option.

Is there a way to not deal with the ticketing every day? I can't believe I have to come here for answers. I'm even asking because two scheduled buses haven't shown up any day this week. The Khmer Rouge had better customer service than the MBTA.
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