A-tisket, a-tasket... kindergarten teachers in need of baskets
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We are getting our kindergarten room ready for the new year and find ourselves in need of a certain size of basket to fit in the kids "cubbie" slots. Anyone know where we might find this particular size of basket (approx. 12.5" ✕ 9.5" ✕ 2.5")?

A photo showing the type of baskets we have is here.
The baskets are used by the children to store their artwork, papers, or other creations.

Basically, we have about 20 cubbie-holes—one for each child—but a couple of our baskets have met with bitter ends over the last year. We are looking for some replacements, but finding only differing (too big) sizes. We were hoping Ikea might have what we need, but after a visit and checking their catalog and web site, it seems otherwise.

Any ideas where we might find these elusive baskets?
(or something similar in the same basic size—but can't be much larger in any of the 3 dimensions since it needs to fit into a little drawer-slot)
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If you have a Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, or Dollar General near you, I'd hit those up.
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Not the best option, but if you've got patience... the Goodwill always has an aisle full of baskets.
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Well this metal basket comes in 6x9. Maybe you could zip-tie two of them together for the 12x9 size? (Or affix them to a solid bottom that's the correct size.)
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This wholesaler has baskets that look like they're the right size here- but the minimum order is $100.
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Actually, that one might be slightly too high- it's 3 inches instead of 2.5. But the google term to use is apparently "display tray" which gets you lots of results for shallow rectangular trays intended for displaying stuff in bakeries etc. I couldn't find anything perfect and a lot of it's wholesale, but maybe this will help! You could also try a restaurant supply store, which would let you measure things in person.
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if your portland location is still correct, there's a container store in tigard. i would check there, too.
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These plastic baskets are 13"x9.75"x3". $22/6 baskets.
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I found a couple of possibilities, neither of which is perfect.

From Amazon. The right size, but maybe too rough-textured, and kind of expensive: http://www.amazon.com/Woodard-Charles-12-Inch-Abaca-Small/dp/B001B80AK0/ref=sr_1_4?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1409969398&sr=1-4&keywords=woven+tray

From Storables. Maybe too high at 3.25", but cute and durable plastic, and cheap: http://www.storables.com/small-2-color-basket.html
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