What is a "tag & title shop" called in Florida?
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In Pennsylvania, a non-governmental place one would go to help facilitate the private-party sale of an automobile/vehicle/boat where sales tax can be paid and collected, documents notarized, government forms submitted, license plates acquired and registrations completed is called a "Tag Shop", "Title Shop" or "Tag and Title Shop". What is it called in Florida?

I know they exist in Florida because the only result in a Google search for "tag and title Florida" come up with one private company that only serves Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

How would one find this type of company in the other counties in Florida.

My specific needs are Hernando and Citrus counties, but other counties might be appreciated to future seekers.

Thanks in advance!
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The state of Florida seems to strongly suggest you do a transfer of title at the County Tax Collector's Office.
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Pennsylvania is actually pretty unusual in requiring the buyer and seller to both go to a notary together for a title transfer. It looks like Florida is like most other places I've lived, the seller signs over the title to the buyer and then the buyer takes it to the state to transfer it by themselves.
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Florida Tag and Title, which came up in your Google search, is an outfit that offers tag and title services to dealers or other high-volume entities. It is not a walk-in operation. The County Tax Collector is where you need to go. Friendly folks, from personal experience, in Citrus County.
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As others have said, the local county tax collector's office is where you want to go. Call and check if they'll make an appointment to make your life a little easier (not that I've ever had to wait long in Pinellas county).
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Weirdly these places were all over south Florida when I moved there in the nineties. Right between the dry cleaner and the nail salon.

Tag Office was what they were called, often coupled with that cheesy insurance they sell to folks who need to pay weekly or some shit like that. I think AAA did that too.

They don't seem to be as prevalent as they were, and I don't see any in your area.
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