wiz khalifa sings about what?
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Is there an online resource that reports on lyrical content for popular music?

I'm looking for a website that reports statistics like "98% of Jimmy Buffett songs contain a reference to alcohol", or "74% of Taylor Swift songs are about breakups". I'm really looking for a data driven, lyrical analysis of the content of what topics the audience is likely to encounter for a given artist.

I'm not interested in RIAA- or "Common Sense"- type websites that have political or social motives.
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RapGenius does this. Here's their entry for Wiz.
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Is there a content breakdown on that page that I'm missing? This is the sort of thing that would never cross my mind to want, but if it actually exists I'm totally curious now.
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@dfriedman - good site, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I was hoping for a layer of analysis on top of a straight reprint of the lyrics.
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With respect to the rap genius site, in case you didn't notice (can't tell from your reply grateful), if you click on the lyrics for a song, there is a (sometimes very) detailed explanation of the lyrics that pops up. If you already knew that though, sorry to be obvious! I use it all the time!
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Oh that's cool! But rather than individual songs, I'm looking for lyrical trends by artist. Based on their lyrics, what topics characterize certain artists?
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