Hit me with your best quesadilla.
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What are your favourite (vegetarian) quesadilla recipes?

I like this quesadilla recipe and last week had a BBQ yam quesadilla that was amazing! (if anyone has a recipe for that I'll be forever grateful!) I dislike mushrooms and olives, so please avoid recipes with those ingredients. But anything else goes!
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Brie cheese and sauteed asparagus.
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Thinly slice some red cabbage, then marinated for 30 minutes or so with some lime juice, salt and pepper. Add cold cabbage to quesadilla filled with black beans and cheese, or whatever really, it gives a nice cool crunch to the melted cheese.
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I scorch each tortilla lightly on both sides before I begin. Extra sharp cheddar, and corn relish. The best.
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Kimchi quesadilla by Roy Choi of the Kogi BBQ Truck.
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This squash quesadilla recipe is great. Don't feel a need to follow it super closely, I usually make it with sauteed onions and hot peppers.
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I follow a low carb diet But this is delicious: take 2 small low carb tortillas (or any of your choice) layer one with shredded mozzerella and cheddar and nuke until cheese melts. Top with 1/2 a fresh slice avocado mixed with a tsp lemon juice, garlic, salt and olive oil mashed onto the other tortilla. enjoy!
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Open face, parmesan, chives. The. Bomb.
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Sweet Potato black bean quesadilla! Nuke sweet potato. Mix with drained can of black beans. Season with cumin and whatever else you like. Put in quesadilla with cheese. This is my favorite super easy, cheap, healthy, and delicious weeknight dinner, since not a lot hits all four.

The filling is also great in enchiladas and burritos.
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Not at all fancy, but I like Budget Byte's Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas.
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Seconding kimchi (which will hopefully lead you to the easy, hugely rewarding project of making your own).

My go to: kimchi, shredded sharp cheddar, handful of whatever beans happen to need using up, shake of marjoram and hot sauce.
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Tomatillo enchilada sauce is a gift that is too good to keep just to enchiladas. Here's a recipe but if you can't find fresh, use canned tomatillos, and play around with ratios all you like. It's tomatillos, garlic, cilantro, chiles and peppers, onion, blended all together and simmered for a long time. Make a big batch and freeze or can it. So great. The linked recipe uses chicken stock but you can swap that for whatever stock or just salted water you like.

Then for the quesadilla part, you could go with roasted peppers and corn, with a light sprinkling of cheese, a generous spread of the sauce inside, with more to dip on the outside along with sour cream. Or you could bake tofu with the sauce, do extra cilantro, crema on top. If you've got some kind of greens, dump them in a pan with the sauce and cook them down before building your quesadilla with them. That one works best, I think, with a smoky vinegar based salsa for dipping.
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Fresh coriander, fresh red chilli and very mature cheddar mixed through a food processor. Scrummo.
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Am I the only person of Mexican heritage who is...discomfited by some of these suggestions? Ok, here are some suggestions for ingredients that can be combined with tortillas and shredded quesadilla cheese and then toasted over an open flame or on a comal or at least, like, in a pan. No microwaves, no cheddar.

-poblano rajas (char a poblano over open flame or under a broiler until skin is blackened, throw in a brown paper bag to let it steam, scrape black skin off the flesh and rip out the stem and guts under running water, cut into strips)

-squash blossoms


-I like spreading a layer of the adobo from a can of chipotles on there sometimes if I'm not using salsa separately

-very thin slices of avocado or tomato, salted



-pickled lime red onions: thinly slice red onion on a mandolin, stuff into an airtight jar or plastic container with a little salt, fill jar with lime juice until onions are covered, let sit at least a few hours

-pickled red onions: heat whole allspice berries, whole black pepper, and a split serrano or jalapeno in white vinegar. take off the heat and immediately throw in a mandoline-sliced red onion. pour into an airtight container, they should be good as soon as they're completely cool.
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These ones are superb
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I found a recipe to make your own spinach tortillas for Margherita quesadillas on Pinterest, but I skipped the tortilla part and used finely sliced tomatoes, fresh, chopped spinach, and feta in store-bought tortillas. With Trader Joe's green salsa (tomatillo-based), it was amazing. I thought it'd make a soggy quesadilla, but amazingly, it worked out perfectly on medium heat. Next time, I'll add black beans and roasted corn.
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Sharp cheddar and arugula. But then I LOVE cooked arugula. With a homemade tomato salsa.
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I specifically ctrl+f'ed "squash blossoms" and was glad to see the Mexican poster found those acceptable. Seconding that, with some sort of tangy cheese.
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These mushroom and Gouda ones are pretty tasty.
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I'm from Phoenix and I never heard of a quesadilla until I moved to California. Try a Cheese Crisp.

It's simple and delicious, and a crunchy, crispy twist on the quesadilla.
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Papaya and cheese quesadilla. Cheddar, jalapeƱo jack, or try your favourite cheese.
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chevre and guava jam
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I like an idea I got from Budget Bytes and Homesick Texan, where you take spicy chipotle peach salsa and combine it with cheese for quesadillas. Sweet, tangy, salty, cool, hot, creamy, yum.
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Monterey jack and avocado.
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Jack cheese, mango, poblano chiles and scallions.
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Also, I've been meaning to try these for ages. Some people will probably say these are complete sacrilege but whatever, they sound amazing to me. White bean and kale quesadillas.
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I do a breakfast one with onions, peppers and eggs all scrambled together (add fake sausage product of your choice if desired) .

And I'm so going to try the kimchi one tomorrow. *swoon* Why did I not think of that while in Korea?
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A recipe of my own invention (one of my wife's favorites)

- put a potato in the microwave for a couple minutes until it's mostly cooked, but not mushy
- cut that tater into cubes
- heat up your oil of choice
- toss in the oil then add:
- tsp (or so?) cayenne, chili powder, cumin (or thereabouts, i usually wing it depending on the size of the spud) and a bit of garlic powder. salt to taste. I have enough when the cubes are roughly evenly coated and have a nice maroonish color.
- cook till nice and crispy
- add some mushrooms and cook till firm. since you don't like mushroom, you could also use drained black beans. i don't know if cooking out the moisture in black beans is an Official Cooking Thing but I do it for these if I don't have any mushrooms on hand and it tastes pretty good.
- remove the mixture, heat the tortilla a bit then throw on a layer of cheese (i like a mix of sharp cheddar and Monterey) then a layer of tater/bean mix, then another layer of cheese
- melt cheese, flip. I like to cook until both sides are a bit crispy.
- repeat. usually makes two or three quesadillas

I serve it with a combination of 2 tbs sour cream mixed with a teaspoon or so of sriracha (depending how spicy) for some dippin' action. Enjoy!
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