How-to locate cited "Unreported Cases" (Canada)?
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I am browsing cases in Canada, and noticed several cited "Unreported" cases. The "Unreported" have a year, last name and the general offense. No results when I try to search for them on The provincial court has told me they can't look it up without a first name. Can anyone advise on how I should proceed with my research?
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I'd be happy to take a look on Westlaw and LexisNexis for you, if you're OK with posting or MeMailing me what info you already have. Another option would be checking the individual court websites to see if they'd published the judgments, but I'd be surprised if they were on the court website but not on CanLII.
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Unreported cases are very hard to find, because they have not been reported.

If you know which court decided the case, you might go talk to the registrar of that courthouse. They are not very forthcoming with their help, but may have the decision stored somewhere.

Another option is your local courthouse librarian. In my experience, these people are usually highly skilled, willing to help, and full of suggestions. This will work better if you are in a big city, with a big local courthouse library. In any case, courthouse libraries are open to the public in Canada.
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Unreported cases are very hard to find, because they have not been reported.

I think you're conflating "unreported" with "unpublished". Unreported means that it hasn't been reported in an official reporter series, which would include a summary, keywords/metadata, etc. But it could still be published (e.g. someone sticks the judgment itself in a database or up on the web). There are huge databases of unreported judgements in Westlaw and LexisNexis, and many of the judgments on CanLII would be unreported.
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