Help me pick out the finest mattress pad, pillows, sheets, and blankets
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I'm getting a really nice queen-size bed in a few days and I want to outfit it with top-of-the-line, premium pillows, sheets, covers, blankets, and a world-class mattress pad. What's the best that money can buy?
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I don't know about the best money can buy but I do know about Coyuchi and I can highly recommend it for exquisite bedding.
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Nthing Frette, but seriously it's SO expensive. How much did you pay for the bed and how much do you really have to spend on this?
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This comes down to personal tastes, too. Do you like squishy down duvets? 2 inch memory foam toppers? Are you a stomach sleeper or a back person? Do you sleep hot?

Frette is one of the gold standards for luxury, but maybe you love the feel of Target's Simply Shabby Chic.

I once stayed at a Hampton Inn and had to be forcibly torn from their bed; and it turns out you can buy all their bedding online.

Costco also offers high quality bedding.

Find out what you love and go from there. No need to spend thousands and thousands at Frette if you love the feel of what Target or similar offer.
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I agree that there is a lot of personal opinion involved here. Arguably more than half the fun is trying out all the options and deciding what feels absolutely most yummy to you.

If you're looking for suggestions of what other people love, so you can try yourself and see if you like it, my suggestions are:

Down comforter, for sure. Nothing like that cloudy-light warm loveliness. Since I'm a Seattle girl I'd look to Pacific Coast Feather Co and buy their top of the line comforter.

Mattress pad: if money were no object there is no way in hell I would spend money on memory foam when there are other amazing alternatives, including down feather beds and fuzzy wool mattress toppers. To my tastes the latter is the nicest choice, a nice thick plush layer of wool on top of a fairly plain firm mattress--no built in pillow top.

Sheets--totally your call... Choose them by feel....

Blankets--omg. Chenille, mohair, cashmere, wool? Wool/mohair/cashmere can be tricky to maintain (moths) but oh so luscious.

What a fun project-- I love a luxurious bed. Enjoy!!
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The Sweethome has extensive scientific reviews of sheets and comforters that will at least tell you what you're looking for. And in general, I've had really good experiences with their recommendations.
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Ditto the Pacific Coast Down comforter. I got mine at costco and I love my costco sheets as well.
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Not everyone loves them, and they are pricey, but my favorite sheets are made of linen.

I also love my wool mattress topper. It's remarkably cool in the summer and warm in winter.
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If you ever get cold in the winter, get an electric heated mattress pad. Sooooooo snug and warm.
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For me I've learned that 100 percent cotton is the bestest ever. The higher the thread count the better. It doesn't matter what brand. And sateen sheets are icky. They're too brushed and end up not wearing well. Last winter I discovered Ikea Mysa Ronn down comforter. They come in different weights for your level of comfort. Definitely snuggly.
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As for sheets, I've settled on 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen after a lifetime of 400 tc percale. I like white and pastel solids but there are collections of great style and beauty at Sferra, Pourthault, Frette and, for another approach altogether, there's always vintage luxury French linen to be collected from Fleur dAndeol, for instance.

I have experimented with mattress pads and find I need a very good wool or, at the very least a thick quilted cotton pad which allows for cooling year round as all of the foam versions retain too much heat. I enjoy high quality non-allergenic down alternative pillows. I use cotton thermal blankets year round. Quilts in the winter. (I'd love luxurious down comforters but have a down allergy)

The sheets contribute greatly to my comfort and if price were no object, I would collect French embroidered linen sheets and fabulous pillow shams for dressing the bed but still sleep on the Egyptian cotton.
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I was going to recommend Sweethome for reviews, but I see someone already mentioned it. This previous question has some good ideas too.
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