Roman Statue called La Rustique in the 16th century?
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I'm reading the travel writings of Nicolas de Nicolay and...

he refers to a stone equestrian statue with rider, painted green, in Malta ca. 1550 which he claims is "larger than la Rustique in Rome". The only thing I can imagine is that he's referring to the Marcus Aurelius statue on the Campidoglio, but that's strictly a guess.

If someone can nail down another more informative cite, I'd be indebted.
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Sending the question off to a professor that maybe can help.
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True, and I expect I will. But I was here, and the keyboard was inviting, and I thought the subject might amuse some of our readers.
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Hah, sorry - was indicating that I was sending off the question, not a statement that you should. This is the response I got - from one of my grad school art history profs, who specialized in not just Italian Ren stuff, but sculpture and Rome and is pretty dang knowledgable:

I have not heard it called that before. The word means rustic, or crude, or coarse, raw, etc. It matt be a reference to another statue altogether. Statues imitating the antique were made in "rustic" volcanic stone during the 16th century. There were several of "pieta rustic" in the Villa Mattei, Villa d'Este, etc. The term could also possibly refer to a "rustic" deity or subject, figures like Pan, or satyrs, were sometimes so described. Tried looking for Italian references to "la Rustica" and found a lot about a Roman neighborhood located outside the walls, with an ancient cemetery. Also references to rustic sculptures, and rustic fountains. Sorry to come up short!
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A thousand pardons, I misread you. Your good professor has gone farther afield than I was able to do, for which I thank him, and you. I expect we shall never know for certain.
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